06 Oct

3 Things to keep in mind when going to a high-end restaurant

Fancy or high-end restaurants are a great place to dine, but they pull some underhanded tactics to ensure that you spend more than normal. Well, they aren’t exactly underhanded; it is more like pulling a quick one on you to ensure that you end up shelling out more cash. We have compiled a listed of things to keep an eye out for; so that next time you go to one of these places, you will be ready to take the bull by its horns.

  1. The Decoy

Have you ever noticed the wine menu in a high-end restaurant? There are always some great choices, right? Just remember that restaurants try to manipulate our views by throwing in high quality, elaborately priced in our faces to go for that instead of the wine we would normally order. The decoy is always going to sound a lot fancier than your regular choice of wine, but diners end up choosing this because they rationalise the decision by thinking  ‘When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do’. Business insiders and food critics tell us that the secret to not fall for the decoy is to order what we want and not what the restaurant wants us to order. The minute we take price out of the equation; we actually end up saving more by not falling for the decay.


  1. Why are you there?

Most people go to restaurants and order things that they have always eaten; the reason is that people fear change and fear shelling out money on things that they don’t know much about. But if you are going to a fancy high-end place then make sure you order what the chef and the restaurant at large are known for. There is no point staying safe in such an environment; so if you have decided to get to the edge of the cliff, it is time to leap off that cliff to enjoy an explosion of flavour in your mouth.

  1. Enjoy; Don’t Compete.

It would be ridiculous to know everything that is on the menu or to know exactly what wine can be paired with what food. That is one of the reasons why restaurants have waiters specifically assigned to your table. So once you leave your ego of having to be a know-it-all at the door; you are in for a great experience. Waiters are trained to know the menu through and through; it is their task to help you out when you are having a problem with the menu. Also, a misconception that most people have is that they believe asking a question might look dumb, but in all honesty, a good high-end place has trained staff that are only happy to explain and answer any of your queries.