29 Mar

Dining Etiquette: Rules for Dining at a Restaurant

Many of us enjoy a night out now and then to refresh ourselves and have a good time. Sometimes people prefer to go out to their favourite restaurant for dinner. But then you suddenly see a well-dressed diner on the other table flailing and waving his arms out to the waiter to get his attention. Well, dressing up well isn’t the only dining etiquette.

There are many other nuances too. Who pays after a business meal? Where do you put your napkin when you stand? Whether it’s a formal business meeting or social function, our table manners are always under watch. Sadly, not everyone knows the nuances of dining etiquette. But dining out doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. Here is a list of rules and protocols to follow:

The Waiter

Waving about your arms impatiently to catch the waiter’s attention is not going to make him reach any faster nor is it going to help his mood. Try and make eye contact or slightly signal that you need something. Speaking while looking down into the menu card while talking to the waiter is also extremely rude.

At The Table

Usually getting a table at a popular restaurant is next to impossible you’ve been smart and made reservations. However, don’t expect the restaurant to keep the reserved seats for you in case you show up late. Being punctual only shows how much you value time.

It is also essential to know the habits of your guests beforehand. Something as elementary as entertaining foreign guests in an Indian restaurant may not be a wise decision and should be avoided as asking them to eat with their hands may not be comfortable for them.

While Ordering

Always allow your guest order first and try to order the same number of courses as them. While ordering wine, don’t announce the price range you’re looking for. Instead, read about a good list of wines and their difference. Also, there is no harm in asking the waiter what a dish comprises of to avoid ordering something unexpected. Inform them about any allergies that you may have beforehand too.


Napkin and Knives


It is essential to know where to place your napkin and cutlery during and after a meal. While you’re still at the table, enjoying your food, put the napkin on your lap. If you have to go to the washroom, excuse yourself and leave the napkin on your chair. When you are done with your meal,  place the napkin on the left side of your plate neatly. Also, hold the knife at an 80-degree angle to help cut better, and the knife should always be in the right hand.

Basic Table Manners

It is important to sit upright and keep our elbows off the table. When drinking from a glass, keep your eyes directed straight into the glass and not at anyone else. While clinking glasses to say cheers, make sure that you look your companions in the eyes when you do so. Also, remember that the bread and butter plate is always on the left and all glassware on the right. This will ensure that you don’t bump with your guests or worse, break some cutlery while enjoying your food.