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28 Apr

The Best Foods to Try in Paris

Ah, Paris… The city of love. We’re not even just talking about a love between two people, but also with yourself, the environment, the smell of French coffee brewing in the morning, served with the very best of French cuisine.

If you could describe Paris in one word, it would be a wonderful, next to love. What makes Paris so beautiful and magical?

It’s the feeling you get when you’re in the wondrous city. Wonder cannot be found in a certain thing but in everything around you. While other cities, right across the globe, spend their time running, when in Paris… You simply stop, take a walk, breath more and smell? The very best food, of course.

When in Paris, Try…


While Paris houses some of the best quality food in the world, you won’t be able to find a baguette like this anywhere else. In fact, the French even have competitions to determine whose baguettes are the best. Be sure to tear of the warm, crusty tip to nibble on as you walk away after buying it. This is a manner of respect by the Parisians in the wondrous city of love.


While restaurants are referred to as ‘brasseries”, along with cafés, Paris offers non-stop service. One of the best dishes on their menus will always be croque-monsieur, a grilled crisp ham sandwich, with perfectly melted cheese that is moistened with a hint of Béchamel sauce.

Duck confit

Fancy something really ‘French’? The duck is fried in its own fat up until its meat is moist and tender. The restaurants in France are known for the best ingredients and freshest produce and will not let you down with their crispy duck confit, which is usually served with garlic infused potatoes and a fresh salad.

Duck confit

Raw-milk Artisanal Cheeses

If you think of Paris, one of the first things that should definitely come to mind is the cheese. In fact, you can find a lot of shops specifically dedicated to selling cheese and enjoy various different tours in France while trying their extensive range of top quality artisanal cheeses.

The Famous Croissant

Another famous food in France, the croissant, can be found around every corner and in every bakery or café. Waking up in Paris or taking a stroll in this beautiful city in the early morning hours of the day, all you’ll be able to smell is a warm, buttery and fresh croissant. Croissants are perfectly paired with coffee in France.


We sure don’t want to forget these. As a favourite of French cuisine, be sure to try perfectly matured steak-frites, which is considered to be one of the best bistro dishes in France.