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23 Aug

The Best Restaurants in Paris

Ratatouille anyone? No… We’re not referring to that Disney movie about the rat that portrayed French cuisine so entertainingly. We’re just referring to food. And, boy do the French know how to name their food. It kind of rolls over your tongue like a truffle, making it extremely hard to resist.

Perhaps you don’t fancy the famous croissant? Well, if ever the French offer you, we’re sure you would not be able to resist regardless of the fact whether you like it, or not.

The Journey of French Cuisine

French food has come a long way and some of the most iconic dishes even date back to the 18th and even as far as the 17th century. The French also owes their history of food and their ever-growing menus to their innovation and drive. Their food is unlike any other and also, very respected by chefs and culinary teachers, writers and schools all over the world. It is without a doubt that French cuisine always makes it into some kind of book and never fails to impress.

During the last few decades, the French have gone one step further and created everything from the most elite restaurants to pop-up restaurants and even food trucks.

What’s more is, when it comes to the best food in France, everyone’s talking about Paris… Oh, didn’t you hear? It’s not only the city of love, but also the city that houses the best of everything. Especially cuisine.


Indulge in the Best of Paris

Bistrot Paul Bert

Although every person has their own special favourite, likes, dislikes and everything in between when it comes to the food they prefer or consider ‘the best’, the Bistrot Paul Bert, is one for the books. It is considered to be the best restaurant for travellers in Paris and one such that is always recommended by locals and experts. This bistro has an entertaining, lively atmosphere and is located towards the east of the city. When in Paris, be sure not to give this one a skip.

Bistrot Paul Bert

Chez Casimir

Want amazing quality paired with a good price? Look no further than Chez Casimir, a restaurant located close to Gare du Nord. Oh, and if you’re into cheese, you’ve probably found your match made in heaven… You’re welcome. Also referred to as the ‘high calibre food bistro’ of Paris, you definitely won’t regret this one.

Relais d’Entrecôte

If you’re looking for a charming set up with a casual vibe, this brasserie-styled pick will leave you wanting more. Now, it might be very touristy, but who cares. With amazing quality and some of the best chefs and servers in Paris, you’re in for a treat.


This restaurant is also considered one of the best and most attentive in the city of love. With an exquisite dining room, open kitchen, creativity that is taken to the next level when it comes to food a definite favourite, due to people lining up to experience Septime in all its wonder, the French surely did something right with this one.